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Giraud Tool Company, Inc.


To order, please call 281-238-0844, Monday

thru Friday between 9am and 5pm CST

This is the only method to place an order for products.


NOW ACCEPTING MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex for payment.  Please call to place order, I will not be adding a shopping cart to the website.  There are too many little variables to make sure your order is correct, so please call to confirm you are going to get what you need for your specific needs. 



Welcome to the Giraud Tool Company website.  My goal is to provide Highpower shooters the finest quality accessories available.  After starting Highpower shooting in 1999, I became aware of the need to design and develop products that exceed the expectations of the shooting community.  I found myself spending more time and effort getting ready to participate than actually enjoying the sport.  My products are designed to give the shooter an advantage, faster setup and faster preparation with no sacrifice in quality or function.  

Company Profile

As a design engineer for a large manufacturing company, I see all types of products and manufacturing process.  My goal is to bring those ideas to a sport I enjoy and could see benefiting from some new technology.

I am a one man machine shop.  While I do this as a second job, I don't scrimp or compromise on quality.  I stand behind all my products fully and will do whatever it takes to satisfy every customer.  You have a choice where to spend your hard earned money, I want you to get the most value out of each dollar.  If I don't meet your expectations, I have failed to provide you a valuable service.  Unfortunately as a one man shop, I sometimes take more time than a full production company, please bear with me, I don't think you will be disappointed.

Contact Information

Doug Giraud

NRA Member,  Master Class Highpower Rifle

USPSA/IPSC Master Class Open Pistol

713-907-2695 (info, no orders) or 281-238-0844(orders)
Postal address 
3803 Dawn Lane, Richmond, Texas  77406
Electronic mail
General Information, Sales, and Customer Support: doug at giraudtool.com